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About Me

I’m Asalu Ruth

also known as Ruthex Consult, the startup specialist. I help business owners who are struggling with business growth, grow their businesses with proven marketing and sales strategies to increase their sales revenue, visibility and grow sustainable businesses.

Results speak for themselves


I saw a difference within days. I now have a better relationship with my customers. I mean, I've been able to retain more of them. My sales has really improved. In two days,I've made over 15,000 which is really a first for me.

Bam's Empire

Amina Umar

I was so busy at work but when I started implementing the first lessons,I got great results especially on the aspect of personalization when advertising.

Tee giftery store

I had a lot of positive results on social media since the videos and I had absolutely no difficulty implementing.


When I tried to implement the lesson on end of the year clearance sales,I was surprised at the amount of sales I made. It was a huge success. Thanks.